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March 09 2015

March 08 2015

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March 06 2015

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March 04 2015

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March 01 2015

Your fave is problematic: the parrot what I purchased not half an hour ago


  • is not resting
  • did not move
  • is not stunned
  • is not pining for the fjords
  • has passed on
  • is no more
  • has ceased to be
  • has expired and gone to meet his maker
  • is stiff
  • is bereft of life
  • rests in peace
  • would be pushing up daisies if he weren’t nailed to the perch
  • his metabolic processes are now history
  • is off the twig
  • has kicked the bucket
  • has shuffled off his mortal coil
  • has run down the curtain and joined the bleeding choir invisible
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February 25 2015

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February 17 2015

February 09 2015

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January 31 2015

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nobody expects the spanish inquisition!
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January 24 2015

January 23 2015

When books have so little description you can't visualise anything



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January 18 2015

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January 16 2015

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January 06 2015

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Monty Python - Galaxy Song

January 05 2015

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John Cleese on Stupidityhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvVPdyYeaQU

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Sex workers and campaigners have gathered in front of parliament to protest against changes to UK pornography regulations.

Organiser Charlotte Rose called the restrictions “ludicrous” and said they were a threat to freedom of expression.

Protesters say the list of banned activities includes “face-sitting”, and campaigners planned to carry out a mass demonstration of this while singing the Monty Python song Sit On My Face.

Face-sitting protest outside parliament against new porn rules
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December 28 2014

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December 25 2014

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